Laura Hemingway



Where do I come from?

I grew up in Forstinning, a village to the east of Munich. My family is half Lower-Bavarian and half English.

Why do I sing?

Singing brings me joy, gives me energy. It has always been a part of who I am.

And what do I like apart from singing?

Enjoying the great outdoors with my dog or in my vegetable garden, Cooking, Dancing, an evening spent among friends watching a movie or playing a board game.

My own personal musical highlight?

That was undoubtedly when I made my debut as Pamina in the University’s production of Mozart’s Magic Flute.

My motto?

‚Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.‘ - Albus Dumbledore


The German-British singer Laura Hemingway was born in Lüneburg in 1998 and grew up near Munich. She sang in the Bavarian State Youth Choir (Bayerischer Landesjugendchor) and was a scholarship holder of the Bavarian Academy of Singing (Bayerische Singakademie). Laura Hemingway completed a bachelor’s degree in singing in 2021 with KS Prof. Andreas Schmidt at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (HMTM). Since October 2021 she has continued her studies in Munich with KS Prof. Christiane Iven working towards a Master’s in Concert Singing. She has been a scholarship holder of the „Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes“ since October 2021.

As part of her studies Laura has performed in several opera productions at the HMTM’s own „Musiktheater im Reaktor“ such as „liminal space“, a world premier in cooperation with the „Munich Biennale“ and sang the roles of Serpetta in „La Finta Giardiniera“ and Pamina in „Die Zauberflöte“ by W. A. Mozart. Latterly within her studies Laura Hemingway changed from soprano to mezzo-soprano. Apart from appearances as a soloist Laura Hemingway sings in vocal ensembles.

She was part of a soloist chorus in the world premier of the opera „Die Vorübergehenden“ by Nikolaus Brass at the „Festspielwerkstatt“ of the Bavarian State Opera (conductor: Marie Jacquot) in Summer 2018. This ensemble, directed by Prof. Martin Steidler, became „LauschWerk“ with which she has sung works by eg. Heinrich Schütz and recorded parts of the Chigi Codex, one of the most important music manuscripts of the Franco-Flemish polyphonic vocal music.

Furthermore Laura Hemingway has sung in concerts with „capella sollertia“ (conductor: Johanna Soller) and is a member of the chamber choir of St. Peter in Munich. In recent events she has been part of the opera production „Angel’s Bone“ by Du Yun at the State Theatre Augsburg with the young ensemble „Vokalzirkel“. Further performances of this European premier will appear at the end of April and in mid May.