Maria van Hoof



Where do I come from?

From Kiev, Ukraine, where I spent most of my life. But I am also half Dutch.

Why do I sing?

Singing gives me a feeling of freedom and joy.

And what do I like apart from singing?

Horseback riding, dancing, baking, hiking, traveling, playing instruments, drawing, knitting, embroidery, deep conversations and nature.

My own personal musical highlight?

The leading role of Martin in the opera "Martin's Lies" by Gian Carlo Menotti at the Opera Studio of the Kiev Conservatory, where it was performed for the first time ever in the Ukraine.

My motto?

Never give up – work always!


Maria van Hoof was born in 2003 in Kiev.

In 2010 she was accepted at the Kiev Children’s Academy of Arts, where she began playing the violin and a year later the piano. She first came into contact with singing in 2013 in the Academy’s choir, directed by Prof. Oksana Madarash. She started with individual singing lessons two years later.

Since the beginning of her singing career, the mezzo-soprano successfully participated in several singing competitions. Among others, in 2018 she received the award for the best soloist of choirs in the junior and intermediate categories at the Ukrainian choir competition Bortnyansky.

In the same year, she sang the main role of “Martin” in the opera “Martin’s Lies” by Gian Carlo Menotti, performed for the first time in Ukraine, at the Kiev Conservatory Opera Studio.

In 2019, she played violin with the Academy Orchestra in the National Philharmonic of Ukraine before successfully graduating from the Children’s Academy of Arts in 2020.

Since October 2021, Marie van Hoof is studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich in the Bachelor`s program and in the voice class of Prof. Christiane Iven. In spring 2023 she will take part in the university opera project: Music Theater in the Reactor 2023, in the opera “Gianni Schicchi” by Giacomo Puccini as „La Ciesca“.