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Lecture and workshops

on the subject of communication in the classroom

In music lessons, teachers communicate with their students through technical and artistic as well as emotional and physical processes. This requires a coherent and situationally appropriate communication.

Against the background of various basic rules and models from communication practice, the following topics and questions will be discussed in the lecture and workshops:

  • Respectful and trusting atmosphere in the classroom.
  • Frame of reference and horizon of the students. Purposeful and adequate language.
  • Clear agreements and expectations. Formulating realistic goals together.
  • Importance and use of open and closed questions.
  • Contact and perception. Observation of non-verbal signals.
  • Appropriate handling of closeness and distance.¬†Avoiding boundary crossings.
  • The art of feedback. Concrete praise, constructive criticism, solutions, helpful paraphrasing.
  • „Talking plainly.“ Appropriate conversation to address problematic behaviors and poor performance.
  • Transfer of own experience, dealing with critical feedback.

Individual coaching

for artists and educators

From my own experience, I know that artists and educators bring their touchability, passion and emotions to their work. At the same time, they need a certain invulnerability to deal with constant pressure to perform, evaluation and criticism. This is ambivalent and difficult for many.
Careers rarely follow a straight course. Change processes, detours and reorientations are part of our professional lives. Strengthening self-esteem and activating one’s own power resources can be effective here. Above all, dealing with oneself in a dignified manner promotes the development of a calm, self-confident attitude. This makes it easier for us to actively shape new paths and overcome possible blockages. In this context, learning to communicate in a coherent and respectful manner not only makes us more human, but also more effective and inspiring in our professional environment.

  • Mentoring during professional changes, reorientations and crises.
  • Communication training for designing lessons and for professional conflict and development conversations.
  • Strengthening and developing authentic and convincing self-presentation.
  • Coaching and preparation for application processes to music colleges and cultural institutions.

I would be happy to support you in these development processes! If you feel addressed, please feel free to contact me.