Singing is the thermal lift for soaring flights of emotion

Christiane Iven

Professor of voice | coach


At the core of the classical voice training under Prof. Christiane Iven is the individual development and encouragement of every individual artist personality with her deeply personal talents and expressive potential.

The imparting of a well-founded singing technique, along with the ability of giving voice to music and poetry with warmth of heart, understanding, naturalness, virtuosity and imagination forms the focus of the collaboration with the students.

For Christiane Iven, profound exploration of all genres (lied, opera and oratorio) and of the music of every period right down to the present day is of the absolute essence.

Singing course at IMAS at Bückeburg Castle

19. – 25.9.2022

with Christiane Iven (voice) and Mamikon Nakhapetov (piano)

Vocal technique and interpretation in song, opera and oratorio for young professionals as well as students.


Guest at der.mARkTstand

Podcast by Frauke Meyer and Susanne Petridis


19.09. - 25.09.2022
Schloss Bückeburg

Singing class at IMAS

Vocals and interpretation in song, opera and oratory for young professionals and students.

Christiane Iven


Congratulations to Elisabeth Freyhoff

Elisabeth Freyhoff has received a scholarship from the Deutscher Bühnenverein.


“Singing course” instead of “master class”

An old-fashioned term is being kicked out!